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Top Twenty Wrestlers Ever

I left out Bruno, Pedro, and Backlund because I found it hard to rank them among the modern era. Trying to be objective here based on overall career, accomplishments, entertainment value, and oh yeah, wrestling. Obviously, nobody ever agrees on these things, but I at least hope y'all agree on my top three:

20. JBL
19. Eddie Guerrero
18. Rey Mysterio
17. Big Show (Considering his size & the fact that he's still wrestling I wanted to go way higher)

16. Randy Orton
15. Macho Man
14. Kurt Angle
13. Bret Hart
12. CM Punk (Most people will whine that he should be closer to #1 but I feel his current popularity is why he surpassed Angle and Hart)

11. Edge
10. Jericho (I may be biased here bc he's one of my favorites)
9. The Rock
8. HHH (Son-in-law or not, the guy is a legend)
7. John Cena
6. Sting
5. Hulk Hogan
4. Ric Flair

(I found this top three virtually interchangeable, but here it goes)

3. The Undertaker (I think he faces Punk at WM and wins despite The Shield interfering and making it 4 on 1)
2. Stone Cold
1. Shawn Michaels (Obviously the most athletic among the top three and the best match quality)

  1. Who will win at WM 29

    Here are my predictions for the current WM card:

    Rock vs Cena
    Winner: Cena
    Although I prefer the Rock to end it, as most of you have pointed out, this one is pretty obvious. Cena takes the title and sets up Rock-Cena 3. The winner of that one should be Cena since, you know, the Rock has another job.

    Swagger vs ADR
    Winner: Swagger
    The ...

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