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  1. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    i don't know about everyone else but i would love to see Ziggler cash in on the winner of Cena vs Rock and win the title and turn face. This could be a way to get him to be up with the greats because right now if he left, i would forget him in a month. also Mysterio and Cara i would want to see a ladder match instead, and if you can get them to face each other and give the titles to someone else. Taker has reported that he won't be at Mania but i know you proberly did this before he said that so everything looks pretty cool. whats the Pre-Show Match?
  2. AussieFan's Avatar
    im glad to see some people agree haha na im not a wwe writer.. i dont think i am
  3. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Bang on so far! Are you a WWE writer?
  4. wsm1996's Avatar
    This is also the point of when cm punk won't have anything planned and soon wwe will run punks character right into the ground, this was a sort of respons to 'hurrts101'
  5. wsm1996's Avatar
    You got the whc match correct even with the ziggler cash in but iinstead of swagger its gunna be orton, this will set up the ziggler orton fued that wwe has be planning on
  6. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Glad to see someone else agreeing that Zigs will wait til Mania to cash in But have started having a far out there scenario on it... What if(?)... What if Jericho did win Elimination Chamber? What if, since his suspect opponent for Mania is in the WHC match Ziggler looked to a different opponent. It would most likely have to be a preshow match but say Ziggler did have his match with Ryder for the Internet Championship. He can do the whole 'get myself disqualified cause I don't care' thing. Meanwhile Y2J wins the title, Zigs cashes in and they carry on their feud for the title to ER. I know there's many holes in this (not likely to have all faces in Major title matches), but would be fun and give Ryder some credit...
    My other thought was 'taker. Does It make sense for Punk to lose 3 PPV's straight? I'm starting to hope 'taker doesn't come back for this WM and can figure out a better opponent (and worthy one) for Punk to go over on.

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