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  1. by_300's Avatar
    I like the twist with Lesnar interfering to to get Rock DQ'ed. I wrote a similar situation for RR where The Shield comes down to interfere and they attack Punk, which would DQ Rock and Punk retains the title. I could also see how Heyman and Punk were happy about retaining, until the next night on Raw, whre Lesnar reveals he ligitimately wanted to hurt Punk. Then, you could possibly have Punk vs. Lesnar at Mania.
  2. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    I like the Brock run in to cost The Rock the title. Could set up for Brock v Rock at Mania instead of Cena v Rock II. Throw HHH as guest referee to make it looked like the cards are stacked against Brock and then come Mania have HHH screw The Rock to set that match up for WM XXX.

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