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  1. Karsten Langenfeld's Avatar
    Congratulation. This is probably the worst blog i ever read here.
  2. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Time does the pre show air in the uk ???
  3. big poppa pump's Avatar
    when ur nwo waldo your nwo for life!!!! bring on tomoz the barman wull b gettin a del rio kick if a dont get ma drink on thr house
  4. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Big pappa pump will be coming to my pad for mania and I will need to listen to his god awful predictions the whole ppv and the pub before witch will revolve around the kliq and kevin nash running into to every match hahah !! Bring on mania !!!!! Its still real to me dam it !!!
  5. big poppa pump's Avatar
    kevin nash returns and puts triple h through a tabel now thats some creative genuise there!
  6. big poppa pump's Avatar
    the steiner recliner wil be returnin tomorrow nite at mania for all my freaks out there!!!!!!
  7. rampage_23's Avatar
    if Punk does goes over, and we hear the glass break, it will be tthe BIGGEST match in wrestling history
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