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  1. The Main Event @ Survivor Series....Place Your Bets Please!

    Survivor Series Main Event

    Ladies and germs how the hell are you!? It has been a while and I missed this damn website and all my wrestling mans init (British slang for “MY nerdizles homies”!!)

    Anyway let’s get straight to it. With Survivor Series coming up as the next BIG PPV I thought how cool would it be to give my irrelevant opinion on what I want the traditional ...
  2. 20-1, HBK NY Screw Job, Cena Steel Chair Rage, Sheamus heel turn.

    HI my nerdizles. Log time hope everyone is well and excited about WM29. So many people have done alot of predictions so heck heres mine.

    Triple Nose v Block Lesnar

    This will be shite. (British for weak as shit) Simply because all they are going to do is smash each other pause, smash each other pause blah blah blah. It will get interesting towards the last ten minutes. I believe ...
  3. The Leader Of The Shield

    Ladies and gentleman virgins and nerds I am going to give my opinion on who I believe is behind the Shield. Well I believe that several people could be behind the group and I would love to hear your irrelevant comments as you are reading my irrelevant blog. OK? Deal? Lets do it.

    Option 1

    The Rock: Sounds crazy I know but something just wasn't right about when the lights ...

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