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  1. hiphopjunkie's Avatar
    OH MY GOD are we still talking about this? Y'all act like he became the WWE champion. People get pushed for all kinds of reasons. Why do you think a Khali or Del Rio are around? They are appealing to certain markets. The ONLY reason a guy like Zack Gowen was in the WWE was because he had one leg. Hell, one of Cenas initial pushes happened because he did a funny Vanilla Ice impersonation for halloween.
  2. Stihltygre's Avatar
    OK so the argument "Darren Young is gay is not reason enough for a push" is actually (from a business perspective False. With WWE doing it's "Be a Star" campaign, and with Homosexuality being one of the most pervasive reasons for bullying and usually some of the most sever ( very few other reasons for bullying have ended up in as many deaths) Darren Young being pushed as a face makes excellent business sense. By making him a more prominent person o the roster it bolsters what ever work he does for the campaign. In my personal opinion ( no need to agree with me) i think the WWE is actually handling this well. not making it a big deal/ story line, let it be out there so when it comes time to give talks he can freely talk about it to the people who need to hear what he has to say. Now they need to make him someone people WANT to listen to... so a push and a face turn. Ceasaro in my opinion is good, but people have been acting like he's a wrestling god, his mic work is weak, but he can go in the ring, he comes across as powerful and intimidating, but not unstoppable. he's a great mid card "beat me to get credibility" heel. Just like swagger. both of the members of PTP do good mic work, Young's work in the ring is simplistic but believable, O'Neil i think has a bit more ring chops but it feels liek he can't get out fo his own way at times ( and i HATE the bark)... i think they are doing this right but as i said it's just my opinion and for this one you can ignore my sig
  3. baby-boi's Avatar
    Its called "being PC"...

    After the announcement and press, they had to change PTP.

    1)Keeping them heel wouldn't have gone over well with audience since, in the public eye, Darrin was doing something "noble". They couldn't, realistically,been able to boo his character.

    2)Look for PTP to win a few matches for the time being. Had WWe made PTP suffer a series of losses(how PTP were doing before the "coming out") people would have felt that they were only doing that to bury Young's career.
  4. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I liked the PTP back when Abraham Washington was their manager, and when he was fired it didn't change my opinion of the team. I felt they deserved the titles awhile back. They are one of several teams in the mix for the titles, along with the Usos, the Real Americans, Tons of Funk, 3MB, the soon-to-be-coming Matadors, etc. The Shield needed a new face team to challenge for the tag team titles, the Usos had their chance and someone else was needed, so the PTP were chosen. It's not a pro-gay conspiracy, it's just the next face team to challenge (and probably lose to) the champs. Other heal teams have to job to the new face team, to push the new face team into title contention. So the Real Americans jobbed to the PTP, both in singles competition and tag team competition. At this point in his career, Cesaro is just one half of a heal tag team, nothing more. I like Cesaro, and he has great potential, but right now he's just half of a heal tag team (who happens to be a great worker). I don't see the PTP push as having anything to do with Young being gay. A new face team was needed, the PTP are over with the fans, so they made them faces. No conspiracy theory needed. And while I think Young is solid, I think great things are in the future for O'Neil. He's a very good talker when given the chance, and he has a terrific look to him. And Vince likes the big guys. Despite the sexual orientation issue, he'll go much farther than Young in the future.
  5. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    First of all, this entry is completely disgusting.

    Even before Darren Young came out, the PrimeTime Players were more tweeners (Half Good/Half Bad) than Full Fledged heels.

    WWE hasn't acknowledged the announcement on any episode of RAW, NXT, Main Event, or SmackDown. Which is why the Be A Star Campaign is where it is today.

    The PrimeTime Players aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and just one loss by Antonio Cesaro gets you all worked up? You need a reality check my friend. I don't remember everyone getting all worked up when Maven threw Undertaker over at the Royal Rumble...

    "Being in the same class as Antonio Cesaro"...
    WWE could hire a chimpanzee and put him in a match with Cesaro and that would still be classifies in the same class.
    If you were talking about Heavyweight's, Cruiserweight's, or Diva's, then that'd be one thing, but there aren't any levels of class based on the superstars themselves.

    If that's honestly the way you feel about Darren Young, then you don't deserve to be called a fan of Sports Entertainment let alone have a place blogging about it.

    It's people like you that give the IWC/Wrestling Fans a bad name.
  6. Van-Wilder's Avatar
    As triple h would say, "it's what's good for business". Darren Young attracted a lot of media interest. People are watching to see what happens next with the PTP. And besides, anyone who's been watching any of WWE's YouTube shows (backstage fallout, inbox) will know how entertaining these two are. They have a lot of charisma and personality and I for one think it is about time these two got a push. They deserve it, gay or not.
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    Imo, The PTPs should have stayed heel and joined the Corporation. Then HHH can talk about how tolerant ad progressive he is, ad how DarrenYoung coming out is good for business.
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