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  1. The Perfect WrestleMania 30 Match Card

    Please bare with me as the spacing on this article is horrible and i have trouble with it. Anyone can help me with that? Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship (Iron Man Match) Winner: Dolph Ziggler John Cena vs The Undertaker: The Face vs The Streak Winner: The Undertaker The Shield vs The Wyatt Family: Losing Team Disbands Winners: The Wyatts The Rock vs Brock Lesnar: ...

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  2. WWE's Fault with Darren Young.

    Darren Young is one half of the Prime Time Players, a heal tag team that would do the job every week. Then one day from the airport from TMZ, Darren Young announced that he was a homosexual. Then everything changed. The entire tag team turned face. Fine. Darren Young's fist singles victory was against Antonio Cesaro. That is where I cross the line. I felt like WWE has really treated this the wrong ...
  3. The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield: An In-Depth Comparison

    The Shield and The Wyatt Family are the future of WWE. These two trio factions have made their present felt in distinct ways. But now that they have each gotten at least one PPV appearance I think a comparison is in order. And I am here to do just that. The other day I called The Wyatt Family Bray Wyatt and The Hillbillies but they will now be compared as a unit. I will be comparing everything. And ...
  4. The Summer of Our Discontent

    This could have been a special party of the summer. This could have been the PPV that we have all been waiting for. But because of WWE's lackluster creative team, we will succumb to another PPV that makes me resort to watching pay-per-views via online streams. When I look at the card, there are only three matches I'll be tuning into:

    Kane vs Bray Wyatt
    John Cena vs Daniel Bryan ...

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  5. Making The Case for Each MITB Participant

    WWE has actually decided to add a curveball to this year's Money In The Bank Pay-per-view: unpredictability. Last year's winners were John Cena and Dolph Ziggler, two obvious choices. But this time, they are making us guess at who could win, why they should win, and whether or not curveballs will be thrown. Also, we have, for the first time, a Money In The Bank ladder match with all heels. I don't ...

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  6. Why Edge Is The Greatest Superstar of the Past Decade

    Yes, you read that correctly. Adam Copeland, A.K.A Edge was the greatest superstar of the past decade. That's right, no Triple H, no Shawn Michaels, no Undertaker and certainly no John Cena. I write this article with a burning certainty as well as an unbiased mind. Now if you have read the article up to this point i beseech you to continue reading this article. Hear me out. I am going to back up my ...
  7. 2013 Payback Predictions

    So Payback has finally dawned upon us and it seems that there is much to talk about. CM Punk will make his return in front of his hometown crowd, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will be teaming up, John Cena and Ryback will compete in 3 STAGES OF HELL, Wade Barrett actually gets to be on the show this time, there's a Divas MATCH and, ah...who am I kidding? Let's just get down to the predictions.
  8. Extreme Rules: A Retrospective

    WWE presented us with its fourth PPV of the year, Extreme Rules. The card looked impressive, but did it deliver? Well, last night I ordered a pizza and watched the whole thing and boy do I have much to say. I may be a critical person but if i didn't see anything wrong with it I wouldn't be making my complaints. So here we go.

    Pre Show: The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

    This match ...
  9. 2013 Extreme Rules Predictions

    It's that time of the year. The only time of the year where every WWE superstar gets extreme. To be honest, this PPV is looking a lot better than WrestleMania and that is no exaggeration. While this past week's Monday Night RAW, with the exception of The Shield match and the Triple H/Lesnar segment, was uttlerly atrocious, this PPV has a lot of potential. We have a Steel Cage match, an I Quit Match, ...
  10. Solving The Great Mystery of Kaityln's Admirer

    It looks like someone has an affiliation for current WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn. To me, Kaitlyn is a fine-looking woman, so this mystery is sure to be great. We even got The Great Khali (A.K.A - The Indian Sherlock Holmes) on the case. Who could it possibly be? This has the makings of becoming the greatest mystery in WWE HISTORY! Is it Cody Rhodes? We have seen him flirt with Kaitlyn before. How about ...
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