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  1. wsm1996's Avatar
    Kurt angle is a great wrestler,, that I can agree with but when he switched to tna the way he has been used makes his apeal decline. With cm punk, I never watched roh but right when he broke into ecw I was a huge fan of his and still am. Bitw
  2. Akshat's Avatar
    Nice blog..... But still Cena nd Orton engage to peeps better..... Punks aftr them....
  3. weems's Avatar
    Good blog. I don't agree that Punk is a modern day Steve Austin. Austin was a beer drinking, blue collar guy, that did not like his boss. Everybody can relate with that. Punk is a straight edge, tattooed up loner. Very few people can relate to this.
  4. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Until Kurt Angle retires nobody will be able to hold the title of the best wrestler.
  5. Dennis's Avatar
    Nice first blog. I liked the fact that you pointed the relation between him and the uprising "nerd" culture, and drew comparisons to what you would think is his polar opposite in Stone Cold Steve Austin. I am curious on what your opinion on tweener punk is though, which was illustrated from the time right after the pipe bomb, until his love interest AJ Lee became prevalent. To be honest most people here feel the same way that you do about CM Punk is the best, or at least one of the bests, in the world.
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