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  1. Mikee Riggs's Avatar
    Is that a compliment? Or are you saying I wasted my time writing this. If it's a compliment thanks! If no I hang my head in the shamiest of shame.
  2. Jack Newport's Avatar
    This blog is the definition of how the IWC operates.
  3. Duderino's Avatar
    At the moment punk is the best on show, in my opinion, all round. In a few years it will be Ambrose
  4. Ahmed Jens Ben Arfa's Avatar
    Punk Is indeed the best of this "era",but certainly not the best in the world.
    I'm a Huge CM Punk Fan,I had the chance to go watch many ROH shows back when Punk was there,I was very happy to see him make it in the E,I felt like the straight edge society was very underestimated but did make punk have great moments on smackdown,and,finnaly when the punk "era" started,I felt like since a long time,someone with Both mic skills and great wrestling skills made it to the top,not someone who's kissing HHH asses or making kids talk about wrestling like if it was a cartoon shitwork show.
    But,to say the truth,CM Punk may be very brillant in this era and this time,but to say he's the best in the word and "believe it" would be dumb
    The best in the world should be accepted as a Gimmick,and that's what punk is doing,but nothing more!!
    He have Great mic skills,but when you see him trying sooo haaaaard to pown the crowd and make em boo him with the use sometime of arguments that doesn't even make sense,and then you watch a HHH promo from his evolution days,you understand that Punk mic skills are great,but not the greatest.
    When You watch a CM Punk vs Y2J march,and then Watch HBK Vs Y2J from wrestlemania 19(I used such an exemple so nobody would use the hardcore factor as excuse,here is a match,dq rules,only about wrestling skills) You understand that Punk is a great athlete,but not the greatest!
    But it would be disrespect to say that Punk ain't the best right now,Because no matter how you look at it,Great matches are given by punk right now,great promo that sometime make you excited are done by punk too,And compared to Cena limited wrestling skills and Randy orton boring matches and promos,Punk is tearing them up!
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  5. Mikee Riggs's Avatar
    I wanna answer the thoughts that intrigue me in order.
    Dennis- Tweener Punk is Posicore Punk in my Head. That was Punk being closer to himself and living the PMA lifestyle his buddy Toby from H2O preaches.
    Weems- Both Austin and Punk are Anti Heros. Neither character is a good guy who wants to right wrong they are both self motivated and DTA as austin used to put on his vest
    Johnny- Thanks for the video and I can get behind you on that
    Akshat- Cena is the top because the kids love him and ladies enjoy looking at him same for orton but both have lack luster mic skills compared to punk and both have trouble being more then a cookie cutter product in the ring (5 moves of doom)
    Toiletbowl- The initial Pipe bomb was born from pure frustration its gonna be impossible to top in a lot of ways since he has been given all the things he wanted from the beginning. That said lately on the Mic this heel Punk has been tough to watch since the royal rumble I feel like that ending of that match was handled poorly. That said punk needs to venture back into the grey area neither a heel nor a face just his own guy. Orton or Cena needs to go heel and Ryback needs to dissappear from the main event landscape that dude is terrible.
  6. gank's Avatar
    One of the reasons that i like CM Punk is that he is extremely good on the mic , when he talks it looks real even thought most of the time is scripted he knows how to sell , he doesn't make poop jokes like Cena, or is being very AWFUL like Miz . He just like Paul Heyman is a extraordinary talker,hell i would even bother to hear him doing play by play commentary of my parents having sex (yea i know stupid joke , but the guy can sell). On his ring abilities i love the fact that he is technical and he combines mix martial arts moves with wrestling moves, plus he can make anyone in the ring look good even if he wins or not. Best in the world? Yes in this "era" absolutely , close to him in my opinion are Roode,Bryan,Aries and of course Ziggler.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    My biggest beef with CM Punk is that his promos are greatly lacking since his initial "pipe bomb". I can appreciate that he's a great talker, but his promos have been fairly boring and lacking of late. I find myself fast forwarding thru most of them these days.
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