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  1. Smark Calaway's Shoot o' Three #2 - Best entrance themes in WWE History

    Good day kids and kats (on the subject of which). Welcome to the second Shoot o' Three from yours truly Smark Calaway II. Today I thought it would be a nice idea to look at the best entrance themes in WWE history.

    I think the one that has to start this ball rolling belongs to that god-damn S.O.B, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anyone who watched 'rasslin in 90's will testify that every time ...
  2. Smark Calaway's Shoot o' Three #1 - A look at the matches for Mania

    Good morning/afternoon/night. Here is Smark Calaway II with the first of what ought to be many Shoot o’ threes. In this series of scribbings and brain drains I shall be looking at all different aspects of what we have come to know and love as professional wrestling and taking a sidewards and hopefully enjoyable look at just the what fuck is going on. Each sermon, or blog post or whatever will features ...

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