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  1. how i would write the wwe title picture story line until summerslam

    This starts the night after payback, Cena still champ after defeating ryback 2-1, ryback pins cena, cena puts ryback through table and in ambulance...

    Next night on Raw:
    Cena starts the show giving his whole the champ is here speech... nee naw nee naw... ambulance turns up and ryback limps to the ring and gives the whole speech how cena never pinned him and got lucky and he pinned ...
  2. The Shield Does NOT need a new member

    Why does everybody that post on this site think that The Shield need a new member, they are one of the most dominant factions in wwe history, so why would anybody want to add a fourth member, if wwe were to add another member to The Shield, they could only add a recent wwe superstar which would take the focus away from the group and put it on the new member being the leader of the group, were as the ...
  3. Most likely Wrestlemania upsets

    Out off all the matches i think that there will be 4 that could cause a major upset.

    1: Jack Swagger Def Alberto Del Rio
    this is unlikely due to the fact that swagger has still to serve his suspension for being caught under the influence but this is on off the matches that people are thinking is gonna be a walk in the park for Del Rio... anyway that's upset number 1

  4. WWE just in general!

    First time blogger here!

    I have been a fan of WWE since i was 6 years old and i just turned 18 past Saturday, and in the past recent years i have seen many mid-card talents settling in to their mid-card role and not trying their heart out for a push. There is just no enthusiasm on the roster, they are all set in their ways, in the past, you had a large amount off superstars that fought ...

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