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    First of all Bret was a two time IC champion so he couldn't be tied with Shawn at three a piece.

    Second, like someone said, there are plenty back stories.

    Third. Why do so many people bitch about tag teams forming? For instance, what was the story behind The Rockers forming? Who cares? They were an awesome team to watch. The problem isn't two people teaming up to make a team, it's how they are booked. The New Age Outlaws were kind of thrown together but damn they made it work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timfeyenoord
    ADR hates Show because he beat up Ricardo
    That's why he hates him now.
    Ill give that one a "semi-believable" rating.
    The reason i wouldnt go all out is because there wasn't a rivalry built up. One day Del Rio is a heel, the next day he's a face and suddenly him and Show hate each other?
    The WWE needs to build individual rivalries rather then just assume every heel is against every face.
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    To be honest, I cant even think of a current storyline that does not have some form of story behind it. People complain about it, but they have been building the rock and cena feud for almost 2 years now. Rock and punk realistically started during punks famous pipe bomb promo. There is the odd feud for the mid card titles that seems random at times but there are alot of feuds that creative has built over time... Whether people want to admit it or not. Just my opinion...
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    ADR hates Show because he beat up Ricardo
  5. alcrissam's Avatar
    Wade Barrett and bo Dallas are making it believable, I'd say cena and Ziggler too. Triple h and Brock lesnar are going to fued over McMahon getting injured. I'm not sure the believable part is the main problem, but it is an area of concern considering the young blood can't go into character at all.

    A huge problem that you addressed was wwe not letting anything flow. You are right about that.

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