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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good blog. I love hearing everyone's predictions on how they think things will play out. I think Cena's gonna win the Rumble. But here's what i think about the title match. Brad Maddox comes out as the ref. Rock destroys him. He's helped to the back. New ref comes out, Rock wins the title. Next night on Raw, he's dq'd and stripped for beating up the referee. it'll be shitty, but that's really what I think is going to happen.
  2. whoo i am the man's Avatar
    The answer to all of the royale rumble will be very easy. If the rock/punk match is before the 30 man royal rumble, Punk wins. No way they have rock win and still have a match after his vicotry. If punk/rock closes out the night, rock will win.
  3. Quaz's Avatar
    The Rock/Punk match wouldn't happen like that. There is a stipulation that if The Shield interferes in that match, Punk will be stripped of the title.
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I was thinking of doing a Rumble blog myself, but there are more than enough, so I'll jsut say it here; everyone is expecting this big showing from Ziggler in the Rumble so much so I can see them going the way of Micheals in '03 and have him eliminated fast. Some think Cena will start with him, but I would love to see Benjamin. Give them a chance to put on a highlight reel for a few minutes.
  5. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I know there will probably be a few people who are going to bash you for the Ryder prediction, but I want to give you a big kudos. No it won't happen, but a very fu entertainign thought none the less. Would have been cool with the whole Zigler Ryder match they planned last year, but Zigs did call it off before Z! ended. I personally am expecting a heel turn with Hawkins reunion in '13...
  6. robofhonor's Avatar
    Del rio is last man standing no pin falls. Sorry im very nitpicky
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