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  1. Mr. Jay's Avatar
    I'm not gonna lie. A little peeved you called the hall of famers a "piss break". Now I respect your opinions and some in the hall of fame shouldn't be there, but still... I respect it for what it is. Not to mention, this year's lineup isn't that bad. I don't care for trump as a person, but looking at the big picture, he did help wwe a few times in big ways. Plus foley, Trish, Bruno, Booker T, etc. I mean like I said I respect your opinion , but are you a true wwe fan, or even wrestling for that matter?
  2. MrSaito's Avatar
    I like how the piss breaks are written into the match schedule.

    Any thoughts on the Team Rhodes Scholars and the Bella Twins vs Tons of Funk and The Funkadactlys match?
  3. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    I like the idea of HBK vs HHH at Mania 30. It would certainly be epic as hell. They've had an underlying tension for nearly 4 years now regarding the "If I can't beat Taker, you can't - I'm better than you if I beat Taker and you couldn't" kind of thing going on. Who wins in that match though? I'd love it if HHH had the stones to let the better wrestler, HBK take the win. Hug it out. BFFFAEAEAEAEAEAEAE.
  4. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Bork lazer! Best name ever!
  5. PushingForth's Avatar
    This was actually, extremely, well-written. I was not expecting that, I kinda expected another, "NXT does an invasion angle," type of prediction, with a whole slew of grammatical and spelling errors. Kuddos!
  6. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    I think we've made a small transition to edgier content, but not immense
  7. A.C. Sativa's Avatar
    The Part-Time Era... I like that. The term, I mean, not the fact that it's happening. I do think WWE is going to back off the kid-friendly crap now that Linda's elections aren't a factor anymore. We're kind of already seeing it, Punk and Rocky have been using some decidedly non-PG language in their promos lately, and I'm willing to bet that blood will make it's glorious return to PPV in 2013. I don't think they will go back to TV-14 again (nor should they), but I think they'll see that they need grown-up fans too.
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