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  1. The Unified Championship

    On December 15th, it is booked, as of right now, that we may see a unification of the WWE and World Heavyweight aka WCW aka NWA Championship. I say this with trepidation because that is how creative have handled it. With keeping only one foot in, the authority keep asking themselves ‘should we really do this?’

    So should they really do this? Yes. Why? Because no matter how
  2. Goodbye PG, Welcome to the New Era in WWE

    To many wrestling fans, the Attitude Era is the greatest era in professional wrestling history. It is the benchmark in which all characters and angles since have been judged. Whether unfair or not, it is unquestionable about its impact.

    The WWE made a transition from its Attitude Era to the era we have now deemed the ‘PG era.’ Obviously because the WWE went from being a ‘hard TV14’

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