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WWE's Next Long Term Storyline Pt 1

hey guys, this is my first blog entry and am rather new to this so dont judge, be nice, give me some time I appreciate any tips and any comments as long as you dont slate me too much, i get upset.

Anyway i was wondering about major storylines that the wwe have done recently and realising that they are becoming predictable and slightly boring. I am not a hater i love the wwe and will continue watching it but i have thought of an idea for 2013 or 2014 that could really spice up the whole frame of the 'E'. So as you all know Vince's reign is coming to an end and will no doubt be handed over to his son in law triple h and daughter steph. . Vince has been here from the start so him stepping down is sure to be a massive thing for wrestling. Now for the idea that i came up with.

Vince comes out one week and announces the end of his days as chairman and leader of the company. This ofcourse will be huge news and the weeks leading up to his eventual departure it all looks well and good that trips will take over. This can also lead to some epic weeks on raw with mr mcmahon making any matches he pleases as his time slowly runs out. When the final week of vince's time comes, here would be a great swerve ball.

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