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  1. Let's Paint The Picture: Elimination Chamber

    Well hello again my friends how are we doing?? Well we had a very active raw last-night with a lot of things happening and a few questions answered and even more coming shall we begin the here are my thoughts on what is bound to happen at the EC and a possible WM card....

    Well first off, lets start with what we saw on Raw tonight. We have our participants for

    Updated 02-12-2013 at 01:15 PM by Frank

    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. Elimination Chamber: The Build and The Fallout

    well I know it's early to start speculating the outcome and fallout from this months Elimination Chamber PPV. But like many of us, I shall do the same and begin the speculation and creative ideas flow. As we all know this one of the last major stops on the Road to WM and I do believe it's about to get very interesting.
    Now lets go back a week or two and look at what has transpired. The Rock ...

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