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  1. Wrestlemania Synopsis

    Miz vs. Wade Barrett
    Has Barrett won a match since winning the IC belt? Miz won, enough said

    Tons of Funk vs. Rhodes Scholars
    I blinked and it was over. Wait, did it even happen?

    Sheamus, Orton, & Big Show vs. The Shield.
    Overall, a good way to open Wrestlemania if you don’t countthe pre-show Intercontinental title match. Orton showed his egotistical ...
  2. 4 Things that I would like to see, but will not at the Royal Rumble

    1. The Shield Costs CM Punk the WWE Championship

    I really don’t see the WWE having this match end in controversy; I expect them to have CM Punk lose cleanly. At some point in the match The Shield come outs, attacks the Rock, and costs Punk the title due to their interference. Punk then flips out on The Shield and they beat Punk down. Rock gets back up, acts like he is going to attack, ...

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