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  1. weems's Avatar
    Great blog. This blog reminds me of Jim Ross as he constantly blogs about how lots of WWE talent are content with "their spot" in the company. JR also continually makes mention of how lots of talented wrestlers are not willing to put in the extra work to try and elevate themselves to Austin/Rock/Hogan status. Perhaps this is why when HHH, Taker, Lesner and Rock return, the audience becomes so much more engaged with the product.
  2. ublackeagle's Avatar
    I will say CM Punk is nothing more then more of the same. He is trying to be a pg version of Steve Austin. His general vibe is trying to be an anti-hero who speaks his mind whenever he wants. Hmm sounds really familiar.

    Kinda, like how now watching Daniel Brian now reminds me of watching Chris Benoit. Surprised to see him using the flying head butt. Considering WWE has tried to distance themselves from the whole fiasco, why would they allow him to use Benoit's signature move?
    What's next the 3 suplexes?

    The whole point of my comments is, WWE has ran out of new ideas for characters so now they are stealing points from very successful former wrestlers and spitting it in our faces and no one realises that is what they are doing.

    Whether it is CM Punk or Daniel Brian or Ryback, it is all recycled hash. And I have been watching wrestling from the 70's.
  3. Holographic_Universe's Avatar

    There is no issue in liking CM punk but subjectively speaking there is nothing propriety about him as a performer, give Antonio Cesaro the same gimmick and he will deliver. I can respect his skills yet they are average in comparison to past performers (i.e angle)

    Haha in regards to him showing up more, it probably would kill him, we must remember his other commitments

    I actually agree, I think the only match "bigger" would be Brock and Rock but that wastes two draws on 1 match over their own respective ones, then again that more than likely wouldn't be an issue, I wouldn't mind...
    Haha, what would you like me to extend on?

    Thanks all for the compliments, i'm open to any other discussions should you desire.
  4. Royce's Avatar
    Also, i meant to add that it was a really good blog... thanks for the read...
  5. Royce's Avatar
    There is one match i honestly think will outdraw Cena vs Rock at WM... There are 2 names that the everyday non-wrestling fan will know best and that match will be The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar... The UFC crowd will love it, the movie fans will love it, and im thinking thats where wwe is taking things come this sunday...
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    It was an absolute pleasure reading this. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I love blogs like this. Telling it like it is. I agree. I made mention in my last Coffee Talk blog how The Rock outdraws Punk 100 times over. And it's true. Punk might be the top heel in wrestling right now, but if Rock didn't return, WWE would be stuck with a Punk vs Cena match at Royal Rumble, and probably again at Elimination Chamber, then again at Wrestlemania...etc. And that can't happen for Wrestlemania. Everyone's wish for Ziggler or Sandow or Shield members to headline Wrestlemania is just unrealistic. At this point anyway.
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