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    The Rock sucks!! Always has and always will - just ask his boyfriend. You sir are dillusional in thinking that Ryback is a big draw, and that there wasn't any talent in the WWE since Rock left - Rock didn't need to come back - all that needed to happen was for Vince to pull his head out of his ass and retire already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RagefulRhino
    I agree with you on some points, but I don't think there's anything irrational to liking CM Punk. He's great on the mic, charismatic, and fantastic technical wrestler. I think there are some valid criticisms for Rock. Yes, he's perhaps the greatest of all time, but would it kill him to show up more? I can tell you're probably a Rock fan because you appear to think more people like Punk than The Rock. Believe me, coming from a Punk fan, that's not the case.

    There is no issue in liking CM punk but subjectively speaking there is nothing propriety about him as a performer, give Antonio Cesaro the same gimmick and he will deliver. I can respect his skills yet they are average in comparison to past performers (i.e angle)

    Haha in regards to him showing up more, it probably would kill him, we must remember his other commitments
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryanb1306
    Did Damien Sandow write this blog? Couldn't get past the first paragraph without thinking he wrote this.
    There are some viewers who have a bit of intelligence... Sandow may be my favorite character because, unknown to a lot of users, his character is the most developed in terms of authenticity

    The actor plays him well and his material is legit (his segment with Shelby backstage regarding psychology was spot on, I was highly impressed)

    But no, it's somewhat insulting i'm compared to a wrestler haha
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    Did Damien Sandow write this blog? Couldn't get past the first paragraph without thinking he wrote this.
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    Im falling right into your little IWC/Troll Trap but to say ANYONE could have cut that punk promo is nowhere even close to the case. He was quick on his feet, he was articulate, and heres the kicker, he was PASSIONATE. And you see it in the mans eyes every single time he is out there, that he wants to be out there. If Randy Orton had an eighth of the passion CM PUnk does, hed be the longest reigning champion of the modern era.

    Yes, the IWC, which WERE ALL PART OF BY THE WAY. Likes to voice their opinions on what they want and what they dont like. So whats wrong with that, if people want Bryan vs. Ziggles and streak vs. streak, why cant they WANT that? And why does it matter to you?

    I have no problem with Cookie Pusses and Slinky Tits and the like, I have a problem with the rock telling me he had come home in 2010 and wouldnt leave home again...and then....he left. Maybe THAT has something to do with peoples opinions while watching him.
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    I agree quite a bit with your blog, Punk/Rock are two of my faves, but the IWC and their moaning about the Rock is getting a little too much. Especially with some of the flaws in their arguments, some of which you've brought up.
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    I found myself fast forwarding Punk's promo last night. Wake me up when he says something interesting again. As stale as the Shield has become, so have Punk's promos.
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