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  1. 5 NXT Prospects that will be the future

    Hey mr.onemanband on his own blog in today's blog I will be talking about NXT prospects. We aren't talking about any prospects we are talking the five future stars of the WWE.*

    5. Xavier Woods - You probably are scratching your heads on this why woods? He couldn't do it in TNA. So why is this my guy. Woods is exciting he's refreshing his promos have that something about him. He's very ...

    Updated 07-15-2013 at 04:23 AM by mr.onemanband

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  2. Bad push at bad time good push good time

    I'm still working on the brad maddox miz effect article so now I'll go to my next one I had

    Hey it's mr.onemanband here and before I go on to begin my blog today I like to say thank you to those who read and enjoyed it.

    Today in the latest addition of my blog I am talking about bad pushes at bad times and good pushes at good times.
    The first will be a bad push ...

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