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  1. wwetna100's Avatar
    Id have 12 of the following WWE PPVs (Equates to 52 Weeks, Big 4 PPVs get extra week hype)
    Royal Rumble - 5 Weeks Build Up
    No Way Out - 4 Weeks Build
    WrestleMania - 5 Weeks Build
    Backlash - 4 Weeks Build
    Extreme Rules - 4 Weeks Build
    King Of The Ring - 4 Weeks Build
    Night of Champions - 4 Weeks Build
    Summerslam - 5 Weeks Build
    Cyber Sunday 4 Weeks Build
    Bragging Rights 4 Weeks Build
    Survivor Series 5 Weeks Build
    Armageddon 4 Weeks Build
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Sorry to burst your bubbles(assuming you live in america). We get all WWE ppvs here for $20 but still not worth it. PPVs should have more thought and buildup behind them rather than just throwing superstars randomly into matches and think that they can deliver and expect high ppv buys.
  3. Vertigo's Avatar
    This was a pretty good first blog man. Kudos to you. I agree with pretty much everything you said and mentioned similar things in my first blog as well So feel free to check it out and leave your thoughts on it.
  4. laramfan's Avatar
    I agree that there are way too many PPVs.
    Another thought is that the PPV should have matches and revelations that are not on the regular show. Take the recent Cena/Barrett match at Survivor Series for example. What was shown on Raw the following day would have made a better ending than what we got at SS. In my opinion, I wasted $54 in buying SS.
  5. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    Very well thought out, nicely done.
  6. welch421's Avatar
    i agree, the should bring bak ppvs like no mercy, backlash because they are all good names

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