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    Cool blog. One thing though: it always amazed me how few reaction Sin Cara got/gets, even in the beginning. People will be quick to point at the botching, but I'm not sure it isn't more than that: even during his good matches and beautiful spots (he had quite a few of those too) they're yawning or looking away.

    To put it in meme talk: not sure if public wants cruiserweights, or just IWC.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Forget that, I'd rather it RIP than be brought back. Be cool for a couple months or so. Than it will end up garbage like last time.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Very good blog. I'm just of the opinion that there's nothing a Cruiserweight division can do. WWE already doesn't put thought or effort into their other titles like IC or US. And back when WCW did the Cruiserweight was just the match. No storylines, no real feuds. It was great back then. But I wouldn't want it to return. WWE wouldn't handle it right. They'd put effort into it for a few months and then it would disappear. The cruiserweights would end up becoming jobbers for the mid-carders and it would hold no more merit. I love the small guys and high paced stuff, I just don't trust WWE's ability or interest in handling it.
  4. TempestH's Avatar
    Camacho is actually a heavyweight, so he wouldn't be able to compete in this division. But I can see him as a body guard for Hunico, and he can still work tag matches with the guy.

    I actually wouldn't lower the weight limit. You say that keeping the weight limit at 220 would enable WWE to send their uppercard guys to the cruiserweight division when they have nothing better to do. But honestly there would honestly be nothing wrong with that. I actually would have some of those guys pursuing a Cruiserweight Title in order to legitimize the Division. Intentionally segregating the higher ranking small guys from the division, only further enforces the idea that the cruiserweight division is "lesser". Put the belt on someone like Miz, Ziggler, Cody, or Christian, and the guy who beats him for the belt will get a huge rub. Plus mixing the smaller sized heavy-hitters with the cruiserweights allows them to prove themselves. For the cruiserweight guys who DO have potential to be more, a run with the Cruiserweight title can be their test run to prove that they can eventually be bigger stars

    I would have some of the bigger names working with the division at times.

    Cody Rhodes - Since he already had the storyline of claiming to bring prestige back to the Intercontinental Title, he can do the same with the Cruiserweight belt. Since he doesn't look to be in World Title contention any time soon, it could be a good place to continue building him up until a spot opens.

    Kofi Kingston - The WWE seems to love slapping the midcard belts onto this guy anyway. And it seems as though Kofi has hit his ceiling already. But, all hope is not lost. Kofi is over, and he can fill the role that you say Rey can fill (only without being injury prone), the guy that "makes people care".

    Christian - Christian can serve as the bridge between the Cruiserweight and heavyweight division. He can easily work matches with both heavyweights and cruiserweights.

    Zack Ryder - while he isn't a high flyer like most of the others, and he's quite tall and muscular, he is under the original weight limit of 220. He's serviceable in the ring, and has some athletic ability. He doesn't seem to be upper midcard material, but in the cruiserweight division, he can at least be a warm body for multiman matches and filler title defenses.

    The Miz - Miz is higher up the ranks, but he doesn't seem to be in line for a World Title shot any time soon. While the Miz is a bit beefier, and doesn't wrestle with that same style that the others do, he still could fit. Whether he's WWE Champion, IC Champion, or a total jobber, Miz carries himself like a top star and makes whatever he's doing feel important, a good asset to have in the cruiserweight division, and in the midcard in general.

    Dolph Ziggler - Ziggler appears to be going places, since he's the current World Heavyweight Champion. He doesn't have to actively pursue the belt, but he can wrestle a handful of cruiserweight guys in competitive, fast paced, matches, and put them over, even by beating them.

    Daniel Bryan - He's also a top guy. But he's also 1/2 of the tag team champions, so stepping down to a midcard belt after holding a World Title isn't new to him. Bryan could be that guy who moves to any spot on the card whenever they need him to, and use his notoriety to make whatever he's doing look important.
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  5. weems's Avatar
    First off, this is a very well thought out blog. Props for taking the time to write this as it is obvious you put a lot of thought and research in. Anyways, I have mixed feelings on a cruiser division. I used to love WCW's cruiser division back in the Attitude era. It was usually the first match of the night and most of the time, the best match of the night. However, the reason why I think it was so good is because it was lucha libre. Lucha libre was new to American wrestling fans. The high flying, fast paced matches were not just entertaining, but a great way to kick off Nitro. I wish Raw would have a match like this every week to kick off their broadcast.
    However, I am skeptical that a cruiser division could work in today's WWE. First, WWE likes to start off Raw with the infamous 20 minute Cena promo. After the promo, all matches are about 3 to 5 minutes with the exception of the main event. There is no way the cruiser division will ever get a 15 minute time slot in the main event. Therefore, how good of a match can 2 cruiserweights really put on in about 4 minutes? Second, there is no denying that Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd are great workers. However, will be they be able to transform their style into a lucha libre style? Dean Malenko, Eddie Guererro, Ultimo Dragon were not Mexican but knew how to wrestle multiple styles including lucha libre. Whether Bourne, Gabriel and Kidd can or cannot, I truly have no idea. However, if not, these matches will just blend in with the rest of the card. Third, the WWE has a style that they prefer their new wrestlers use. I cannot imagine that Seth Rollins will be using all of the wild moves that he used in ROH during his Tyler Black days. As a result, I just cannot see WWE allowing the wrestlers in the cruiser division to execute the exciting moves and spots that we only see on the independent circuit nowadays. Lastly, times have changed and WWE is all about promos and story lines. All of the guys you listed on the current WWE roster in this blog are awful on the mic. Until they can become better talkers or get managers, I just don't see them getting over (or even given a chance).
    Anyways, I cannot see the cruiser division working until the WWE network actually goes live and they get their own show. Just my two cents. Great blog!

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