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Brian Cice

  1. The Stryke Zone: Ideas that can boost the WWE's weaknesses.

    The WWE has seen sharp declines in their mid card, tag team, and divas divisions. All three of these were once top notch divison. The Intercontinental title scene in the WWF was sometimes better then the main events of most other feds.

    However now they are almost laughable. I have come up with a few ideas on how to boost each division.

    Intercontinental/United State championships: ...
  2. The Stryke Zone: The IWC. A non member's opinion

    Now the IWC has become a important part of wrestling. However what started as a collection of everyone has slowly evolved into a group of hate mongers who will flame superstars and cream their pants over others. The IWC has become such a sentient life form it has taken the true meaning of IWC away.

    The Internet Wrestling Community was original meant as anyone who talks about wrestling ...

    Updated 03-23-2013 at 01:14 AM by Brian Cice

  3. The Stryke Zone: TNA vs WWE

    Howdy people and welcome to the Stryke Zone. This is my first blog and I decided to take a swing and give my opinion on the everlong internet battle of TNA vs WWE.

    First a quick run through at the big matches coming up in both companies.

    TNA: Their Lockdown PPV is coming up and it's Jeffy Hardy vs Bully (Bubba) Ray for the World title.

    Sting and his team will ...

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