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  1. TempestH's Avatar
    They need to get rid of the WHC, and completely end the brand split.

    I found this post on another forum that described the problem with the belts so well...

    "SmackDown is like a graveyard for failed pushes. Sheamus, ADR, Swagger, and then guys like Orton, Show and Henry who can't be involved in major feuds on Raw for whatever reason. It's like a vortex, these guys aren't good/relevant enough for the main event but for whatever reason WWE still wants them to be stars, so they stick them on SmackDown where they can be protected for no reason and compete in meaningless filler feuds with one another in a seemingly endless cycle.

    If they are going to persist with this then what they need is for everyone involved to be in the hunt for the WHC. At the moment Ziggler, Del Rio and Swagger are the only people in the WHC picture, while everyone else wrestles meaningless matches seemingly oblivious to whatever else is happening and uninterested in the title. It's ridiculous that a guy like Orton hasn't had a title match for 18 months and doesn't seem to care. Sheamus dropped the title to Big Show and now seems to have forgotten that it exists. At some point the sitcom writers lost sight of what they were trying to achieve and now the show is written like a sitcom, with the characters only really interacting with whoever they happen to be feuding with at that time, and one of these feuds happens to contain the WHC. It also doesn't help that the show is used solely as a vehicle to try and promote a single stale, substandard face. First it was Orton, then Sheamus and now Del Rio. The show is entirely centered around making one of these guys look good, meaning that it's extremely predictable and tedious. We talk about Cena being shoved down people's throats on Raw but Smackdown is far worse in that regard, it's pretty much just become a vain attempt to retain credibility for guys that they know wouldn't be able to hack it in the true main event scene on Raw."

    Although I wouldn't dismiss Orton, Sheamus, or Big Show as incapable of main eventing RAW, it pretty much hammers the point home that The World Heavyweight Title is just a consolation prize.

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  2. baby-boi's Avatar
    I agree...Now that there is no brand-split, what's the point of two main titles. The WHC is being treated like the IC. The IC and US title is being treated like the European title

    MY IDEA:
    Get rid of the WHC

    Book the IC like the WHC

    Get more real Tag Teams

    Get rid of the Divas title...unless WWe plans on hiring REAL female wrestlers(which they are not), there is no point in having a female title.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No real reason to bring back the women's title after dumping it. New era with new divas. They need to leave their mark even though I'd prefer women's title. I was upset when I heard they were getting rid of it.

    I don't see how others believe IC is so much better midcard title than the US title. In recent years, I'd say we have had better US champions. Cesaro has been better than Barretts, Kofi, or Mizs.

    I'd rather the cruiserweight title not be revived. They don't continue to bring in talents to battle for that belt. that is why the cruiserweight division suffered because no new talents came in. If they arn't going to give us what we want....why bring it back? Be nice for the first few months, but after a while it will turn in to an afterthought. Barely get booked on the ppv card.

    Don't like the look of the tag titles either, but you know. I think the Shield will do great things with those belts once they get'm. I agree, Sandow is one of my favs. I was upset when I heard of the tag team. They should have won the tag belts. I think that hurt Daniel Bryan as well. Kane seems to ruin a lot of great talents momentum by joining them. Back in the day, RVD, hurricane, among others.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    There are positives and negatives by having 2 world champions. I think it helps the young guys a lot by having 2. Guys like Dolph, Sheamus, among others. It isn't like WWE has great storylines. You actually just want to have a fight over nothing as a 2nd match rather than have them battle for the title? Not me......
  5. weems's Avatar
    I don't like the current belt structure. The WWE and WHC titles are on equal playing ground. Likewise, so are the US and IC titles. There needs to be just 1 world title like you said. WCW had a good structure back in the late 90's with the World Title, US Title, TV Title and Cruiser Title in that descending order.

    Personally, I don't think the cruiser weight division would work in the WWE. It only worked in WCW because of the luchadors and that high flying style of wrestling. The division would only benefit a handful of current guys such as Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara and probalby a few others. However, if guys like Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan or Rey Mysterio competed in this division, it would bring their stock down tremendously. Rollins is a rising star and has been only wrestled against top tier talent so far. Putting him in the cruiserweight division would only bring down his stock. Meanwhile, Bryan and Mysterio are former world heavyweight champions. It doesn't make sense to see one of them facing an undercard guy like Justin Gabriel one night and then have them facing and a guy like Dolph Ziggler or CM Punk the next night. However, if El Generco and other similar talents are brought in, then I am all for a cruiser division.
  6. Zane Morris's Avatar
    Or how about instead of getting rid of any belts, the WWE creates decent feuds for the current belts. There's no reason why guys that are under 220lbs couldn't feud for the US or IC titles. Those titles have already lost alot of prestige anyway so why not treat them kind of like they were a cruiserweight or light heavyweight title. Keep World heavyweight as it is, its like what thye IC title used to be. Agree with the women's title comments though. As far as tag teams go, everyone says that WWE needs to fix it then when they put some teams together, everyone wants them to break apart because the guys could be better as singles wrestlers. Let them stay together for awhile while you create and build up some new teams. Guys like the Hardys, Dudleys, E&C, go back to Hart Foundation, Steiner Bros., Harlem Heat all had long runs as teams before going to singles action and the guys were still successfull when becoming singles competetors.
  7. jlsniper's Avatar
    I think fewer belts would be better. I'd love to see the Cruiserweight title back, or lightheavyweight title. Four belts, its perfect in my opinion. It would produce so many feuds and the titles would mean something again.
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