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    I think you mean a 180? 360 would put them right back where they are...if you really wan to shake things up and do a 180 in another direction, turn Cena heel now! The Royal Rumble is perfect. Have him screw the Rock and maybe be the leader behind the Shield. Remember they haven't really messed with him. It would make there stale product fresh and exciting. Everyone said Hulk Hogan would never turn heel and when he did it was awesome and made things fun again.
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    I only just saw this blog. It's well written and I enjoyed your opinions. Don't be afraid to post more in the future, I'll be glad to read more from you!
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    Nice blog, easy to read and at least you don't seem to be suffering from the, 'My opinion is the only thing that matters, if you disagree you're wrong,' disease that most blog writers here suffer from. That or they believe they are Shakespeare for the 21st Century.

    I'll be reading again in future.
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