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  1. FunkyKong's Avatar
    Seems like Fandango's doing exactly what a heel does... getting people to hate him
  2. Lupy1234's Avatar
    Again and again, why would the WWE name a character after a paper bag movie ticket selling company? Why?
  3. miraistreak's Avatar
    I'll be the first to back you up here. The moment I saw his vignettes a few months ago I went "Oh, he's the next Simon Dean, or whatever his name was." The fact that I'm not even sure if that workout-aholic with protein drinks on a segway's name but he reminded me of him is a sad sad thing. I remember the EPIC FAIL that he was. I can't understand why for any reason someone would approve this kind of character in 2013. He would fit right in back in 1996 but not today. FAN-SNOOZE-BORE
  4. Stevenhigney's Avatar
    He can take bong rips 24 hrs a day and he'll never fail a wellness policy test cause they aren't looking for that. They can do whatever they want, just don't get arrested or take steroids, everything else is fair game. Pretty sure most wrestlers smoke weed here and there. A couple years ago Kevin Nash was sitting in my friends kitchen smoking a blunt, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. (Well, short of seeing Kevin Nash in your friends kitchen smoking a blunt which was surreal to say the least, weed or not, lol)
  5. HellDemon102094's Avatar
    Just let him stay till Mania, have him lose, although i want him to win by the way. Then suspend him for however well they please. This is if he truly is found guilty.
  6. pepdigidydog's Avatar
    WWE is playing it close to vest. Right now he did not fail the wellness policy. lets say he is innocent until proven guilty WWE is doing nothing wrong by leting him work until WM29. they have invested lots of air time and crative resorces giving him the push and im sure they dont want to let it all go to waste. They will save his sipension until after court.
  7. weems's Avatar
    I would not be surprised if WWE drops the hammer on Swaggger and he is no longer a part of WM. Perhaps Ziggler cashes in to become WHC tonight on Raw and ADR uses his rematch clause at mania to challenge Dolph for the WHC. I don't see this being the case but would not be shocked if it happened.
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