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    Honestly I think it's brilliant! He's getting some major major heat like other users have stated that you writing a blog about him means they are doing something right. Over the last week he's talked much more which is working. His entrance is hilarious. And when he interacts with the Divas he reminds me of Val Venis. Plus, the Y2J interuption was great! Can't wait to see what they do next.
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    I say we be patient and give the whole thing a chance. Everyone here has made excellent points, regardless of what side of the coin you're on. No matter how ridiculous something seems, Vince and the WWE always seem to have a plan. Now sure, it doesn't always work, and they've surely let us down enough times. But I'd like to have faith that they have something interesting up their sleeves. I mean, the guy doesn't strike me as a future world champion, but he surely makes me laugh. And the show needs that from time to time. Now I do agree that they are drawing this out a little more than I think they should, but I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see where this goes.
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    Im kinda inclined to agree with Thunderlips on it, the fact that the annoying gimmick got you to blog about how annyoing it is.....meeeehhhhh....but i certainly see the bigger issue here of it being that they have this young guy, decent in the ring, great shape, pretty charasmatic guy and they give him the gimmick of a cocky ballroom dancer that makes you say his name. Its just a bad gimmick, okay, so "joshua" Roberts says his name to his satisfaction, or he gets his own ring announcer and thennnn...whaaaattt???? Theres no way to sustain this character. Hopefully, he develops his own persona from Faaannndaaannngoooooo and goes from there.
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    The fact that you have blogged about it means that they have done their job. Not saying the gimmick doesnt suck but it is working. Just saying some of the greatest have had super delayed intro's- Y2J and Mr Perfect for starters..... and who can forget Boogyman....
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    Didn't Sandow basically do the same thing when he debut, refused to compete, and people love him, give it time.
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    It's an awful waste of time...
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