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  1. A NEW DIRECTION for WWE (Aboard VINCE's private jet)

    HI Guys, I'm here to talk about the possibility of the wwe doing a 180 and going a whole new direction with the product. Now i have been a long time wrestling fan and i have seen many a new eras in my 23 years (for those of you you who remember the scrambler black box) we never missed a PPV, raw or smackdown.

    Now with some recent NXT call-ups and the signing of a few new Indy talents ...

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  2. To The royal rumble and beyond !!!

    Hi There, I have been a frequent reader on this site for a long time and finally decided to give my own input as many of you guys do very well week in and week out. SO HERE IT GOES

    With the Royal Rumble just around the corner which happens to be my favorite annual PPV. 2013 has gotten off to a great start with this past weeks raw and the "PIPE BOMB" that we witnessed courtesy ...

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