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  1. Sizzilla's 5 Breakout WWE Stars in 2013

    Whats going on guys? 2nd blog incoming.
    In this I'll be discussing who I think will breakout this year in the WWE, not just who will capture a major title, but break away from the rest of the mid-card guys.

    I'll start with..!

    5. Wade Barrett
    Current IC champion. This guy is a stud, he has a very impressive look (everyone knows the WWE loves that) he's got the ...
  2. Sizzilla's Royal Rumble Expectations/Predictions

    First blog here guys, finally stopped being a lurker and decided to join and make a blog!
    Long time wrestling fan, grew up going to ECW shows, been a fan since.

    I'd like to talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV and give my predictions on the card
    Pre-show: Triple Threat for the Diva's Championship
    - Eve v Kaitlyn v Layla
    I think Eve picks up the win here, ...

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