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  1. The Med Blog #2 A New Road To Wrestlemania

    The Med Blog
    Blog #2

    A New Road To Wrestlemania

    The road to Wrestlemania is getting near and nearer by the day. The annual build up to the greatest show in wrestling today. Year after year we have the Wrestlemania logo show up above the crowd on RAW and storylines building up to D day.

    Thinking of the build up shows prior to the big one, the Royal Rumble, ...

    Updated 10-14-2013 at 06:19 PM by Medplaya

  2. The Med Blog #1 -A Wrestlemania Idea

    The Med Blog
    Blog #1

    A Wrestlemania Idea

    Hey everyone in the E-wrestling world. I come onto the site weekly and find myself reading through the blogs so I thought I would take the plunge and register to start blogging myself. Hope you enjoy…..

    I have watched Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 12, after the iron man match against HBK & Bret Hart I was ...

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