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    Quote Originally Posted by Zekic
    And another thing that came in my mind, for a guy who can AA Big Show, doing monkey flip or head scissors, is just wrong.

    I pissed myself when the crowed chanted you can't wrestle so he tried....THEN HURT HIMSELF LOL!
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    Divas match.. let's face it was there just so we could stomach this purely fantastic TLC 6 man tag team match. All the guys from that match got a huge future in WWE(except kane for obvious reason's) and i believe Shield got a potential to become one of those legendary stable's/tag team's like DX.

    And another thing that came in my mind, for a guy who can AA Big Show, doing monkey flip or head scissors, is just wrong.
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    I really tired of guys saying Barrett should be main eventing or chasing the championship titles but the truth is the guy lacks explosiveness. Barrett does a lot of rest holds during his match whether he doesn't know what to do next or is tired who knows and I don't think it's a situation like Cesaro where he is actually drawing heat from his extended rest holds. Barret also lack strength for a guy of his size. He's as tall as kane but nowhere near as strong and thats what kill me when it comes to him, he's got the size and the look but he needs to work on his strength/power and his moveset.
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    The Miz turned babyface just before Survivor Series although I do agree with you that Alberto Del Rio's turn seemed random. There weren't really hints on TV, 3MB just slap around some Spanish announcers & Ricardo and that enough to turn him. Apparently WWE want a reliable mexican babyface and Sin Cara is not what they expected and Rey Mysterio is too injury prone and on his 2nd Wellness strike
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    I enjoyed reading your blog, your points and spot-ons are exquisite. I rarely read blogs, but because of this one, I will start looking forward on your writing in the future. I like the details and the emphasis you put on each match, yet simple but relevant.

    The only question is the over-all grade which you gave a 5/5 when you a have 0, a 2, some 3's and some 4's. Last time I checked the average or overall rating wouldn't score a 5 cause the average is somewhere around 3, unless I miss some significant reasoning and added plus factors behind the show that convinced you that it was a perfect ppv.

    But overall, I'll give your blog a 4/5. Keep 'em coming.
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    "Breathe easy, internet. It’s over. I legitimately jumped up and down, kicked my legs, punched the air, anything you see in the victory montage of a sports movie from the 80s, I did it."

    HAHA. If we were in the same room, we probably would've hugged. Or chest bumped (I'm really manly?). I've mentioned on another thread, no matter how many signs pointed toward AJ interference, I still had a pit in my stomach that Vince wanted his Johnny vs his Dwaynie at Mania to unify the titles, and Vince gets what he wants.

    I really believe this might be the WWE turning a new leaf. They could've had The Shield lose to Ryback (Nexus nightmares), Ziggler lose to Cena, but they didn't. They stuck to their guns and let up and comers keep their momentum going. It was beautiful.

    Lastly, great summaries. I agree, almost exactly, with every score you gave. Solid read.
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