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  1. Mark Hague's Avatar
    Swagger looks comical, I don't get the push at all. Looks comical and sounds comical.

    That main event was bull, Punk came across strong but he legit had the 3 count but the referee is conveniently downed? I hope he pushes that on Raw for a Triple Threat at mania because that's twice now Rock has lost a match for whatever reason but came out the winner, McMahon restarting their Rumble match and Punk getting a 3 count here but the Referee is down.
  2. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    The PPV was a decent one. I just hope they give Swagger the Championship. Cuz man that guy was pretty freaking aggresive in the match. I like this new Swagger. And I'm excited to see Road To WrestleMania. There will be some great matches though. I can guarentee that.
  3. grave's Avatar
    to bad, the diva match was to short to be really good but I think these two divas have some potential
  4. HellDemon102094's Avatar
    You are wrong on number one, Cena is their main guy, but first of all, he earned his position in the company. The WWE had their worst year, in I don't know how many years, when all year CM Punk was champion, what does that tell you. CM Punk is alright, I don't hate him, but I don't like him either. He has not proven to be a better drawn than John Cena, CM Punk should also not be champion again anytime soon, someone else needs a chance, even if John Cena goes first, but if you know Cena, he won't hold on to it for long. Sometime this year, we will have a new champion, who is not CM Punk or John Cena.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I disagree bit with the Cena one mainly because I believe he will hold the tite for a while probably til Summerslam so.....can't predict the future, but I really belie will depend on the opponent and the rest of the card.

    2.This is always the case with any wrestling company. People upset over Trent being released, but I never really seen him on Raw or WWE tv to really say.....he has great potential. Remember dude busters, but other than being a jobber as a singles competitor....I didn't really see that in him. Surely this will happen and people will be asking why did they release him? I think they are doing both parties a favor. Trent was never really used and he was becoming a waste of space like guys like Tensai among others. If you don't know how to use him.....get rid of him. I don't know why they don't just form a ton of tag teams with these talents if they don't know what to do with them. Several successful tag teams have done this including Beer Money, Hart Foundation, among others.

    3.Heard several may ask for release after Mania. Maybe JTG? Wouldn't blame Dibiase for leaving, but hell he is hurt all the damn time.

    4.I think Cody was a great IC champ and Barrett is as well. However, Big Show beating Cody for the title for about a month really ruined it for me. Christian winning it certainly didn't help because I hated him going back to the midcard so in my mind it hurt the prestige yet again. I couldn't tell you who won it from the top of my head. I couldn't believe Miz's reign was short and Kofi winning it again didn't help. Barrett is getting the prestige back. Love what Cesaro has done with the US title. Before that it was complete garbage with Swagger and Santino comedy garbage. Hopefully they will land the titles to next top contenders. Not Kofi or Cody who has held the title endless times. Maybe someone like Sandow who is one of my favs if not favorite right now. If tyson Kidd was would be cool for him to beat one of the two.

    5.I disagree with you here, I've looked forward to several matches he had while on Raw with the likes of Orton, Batista, and Flair. Didn't really like any of the fueds he had in 2002-2003 other than his HBK feud. Didn't enjoy Goldberg mainly because of moments that could have been rather than just throw away ppvs for him to win the belt instead of on the big stage like Summerslam. I expected and hoped Goldberg would win and he didn't. Hell, that has happened several times though with the likes of Kurt Angle vs Steve Austin among others. HHH is better than you were giving him credit for. However, I don't believe he is as good as the likes of HBK, Taker, Austin, and Rock. HHH was involved in so much bs keeping the belt from guys who deserved it based on the reaction from the fans like RVD and Booker T. HBK only holding the belt for a month and his terrible feud with Steiner and Nash.
  6. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    awesome blog it was a good look into what probably will happen i can agree on literally everything let me explain.......

    John cena i know they feel he draws and you have very valid examples of the contrary/he is the golden child and until he is really to say hey i cant do this or change up the character a bit not even necessarily a heel turn but something needs to happen because he doesn't have the crowd anymore not even the 50/50 split anymore i am not hating on him by any means but your right

    i do deffiantly see some omg wtf were they thinking releases this year as they did not happen last year due to the election and product that was being shown.. i don't see any of the sheild members going anywhere as they prob will be doing this for a while then split but some might not reach the same height as another ie: ambrose the ones i do see going could be like a-ry or curt hawkins only becasue they do need some strong known talent for morning slam and main event im not sure who is gonna be the omg surprise but we will surely be talking about it and just for the mention khali and jtg still have jobs is because they need an star from india as he is a real police officer there and jtg becasue he spoke up loudly last year and they are afraid of a suit if they fire him can use it in court

    the undercard titles will always be in limbo because they constaly try to make it relevent they they have to eventually move up the current holder and there is no one established enough to take there place and it goes away again if the wwe was consistant they would have better planing the tag team division isnt fixed but at leased its back in the picture which is most likely gonna change again due to the fact that they fight the same teams and then have singles matches to top it

    HHH= inferiority complex big time i agreed with how you put it he was only kinda big when the real stars were gone granted i enjoyed some of his runs but they lasted way to long and he does dig people down and is not willing to put anyone over which makes no sense because he is gonna take over one day gee whats good for business huhhh

    overall great job good read
  7. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Yup, I can agree with you on just about everything.

    Cena is their boy, so no matter the situation, he's going to main event mostly.

    I can see WWE releasing a few people this year (namely Zack Ryder (who i'm not a big fan of anyway) and a few others) but I can't see them release one of the Shield members. I think this storyline is going to run for most of the year and they won't get released. I can however see that when they do break, that there's a possibility one or two won't be pushed that far.

    How JTG and Great Khali still have a job is beyond me.

    Truly, I never liked the tag team division. While everyone saw it improving with teams like Hell No, Rhode Scholars, Mysterio/Cara and so on, I saw it as them thrusting people together for the hell of it. The tag team division had more star power but it was nowhere near fixed.
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