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    Meeehhhh, I agree with you on some points and others not so much. Firstly, i think she is the hottest diva out there. I spose thats just taste though. Secondly, I like the pair of her and Ziggler and along with Langston, they have a neat little thing going. I think her and Dolph both accent eachother really well. It should keep things for Dolph interesting despite what i feel will be a few more months of straight jobbing, as i doubt hell be cashing in until after mania, or hell even at mania. And what also keeps me interested in her specifically is what they can do semi-long term, i try to not fantasy book as we all know what that can do, but just think of it, say, say they keep Team Hell no together till post mania, spring time. Then have Kane turn on Bryan, and who runs out to make a save? AJ. It would be Randy Savage-Elizabeth-esque and would be sick. I just think there are still options for her at this point.
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    Guys, it's about money. Pimp out the next guy/gal for a few months, maximize the earning potential off of them while you can, move on to the next one. Ryback will be no different. In today's wrestling world, and in today's world in general where folks want instant gratification, and the next new shiney toy, the sad fact is that you are going to have guys that get pushed and fade quickly. WWE operate under the thought that there's no longer the ability to allow a wrestler to develope his charachter over the course of a year or two. They have an opportunity to do something special with Ziggler now that they were un able to do during Linda's public office bid. He's been the same guy the last few years and now they have an opportunity to see what he can do in one of the top spots. Just need to get him away from Cena and get him a few clean wins over guys Punk, Seamus, Orton and Big Show.

    I like AJ, think the psycho stalker type role for her is good. But she's not an in-rin performer. Mixed tag matches here and there? yeah, but she's got a smokin body so her primary role in the WWE is eye-candy.
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    Great blog. You inspired my next video. Thank you.
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    You make some good points but I don't think she's necessarily stuck. Most women for reasons I don't really understand are bad on the microphone, but she does a great job and it's why I think she can turn things around.

    Creative these days is often usually really stupid or gets too clever for their own good. I think how they handled AJ is a mix of both. They were smart to say "We need to feature AJ in a prominent role" but general manager made no sense for her. It didn't fit along with the story they created for her. Actually, I don't think general managers work as well in general unless they are heels.

    Then, they got too clever for their own good. They said "General manager isn't working out, but she's good so let's put her in another relationship, this time with Cena!" Well, again like you say, this didn't fit the image of the damaged crazy chick they had created for her in her relationship with Bryan. Cena didn't make sense. Now she's just a girl who gets around. It would have made sense if she turned to him because she's damaged or something, but that's not the case, she just comes off as a slut.

    We'll see where they take her from here but I don't have high hopes.
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    IMO, AJ finally became interesting on RAW when she kissed Ziggler. Seems like the WWE was throwing AJ darts at several superstars, but they may have found a solid solution with Ziggler and Mr. 5 Count. Now she can play a great heel role in a mini-faction. This persona can go on for the long term.
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