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  1. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    I have a feelin zack ryder and curt Hawkins will reunite as a tag team again
  2. Jayoholic's Avatar don't need a Black guy with a Black guy because we all know what that's going to turn into. It'll limit them...and this is coming from a Black guy.

    The same goes for having a foreigner with a foreigner. It's not creative.
  3. Jayoholic's Avatar
    Hot Jocks...LMFAO!
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I like the Hawkins/Ryder team, managed by Edge, as the Rated R Superstars! Also Cody Rhodes with Curtis Axel...called Rhodes to Perfection, with taking less from the Axe and more from Curt. Dam Law, a cerebral, dressed down tag team like the Brisco Bros., made up of Damien Sandow and David Otunga, The Miz & Alex Riley, again, as Miz'd Opportunities...Alex blows his chances all the time and Miz has been champions, but always falters...the idea is that they rise and have chance after chance...lastly, I like the Freebird plan, made up of group to battle the Shield made up of Wade Barrett, Ryback and Justin Gabriel, led CM Punk ...called the Cult! This would come about after Ryback challenges for the US title and gets gang attacked...Gabriel gets beat down in Smackdown match after upsetting be chased off by Barrett. Barrett and Gabriel challenge for tag team titles and get "trio" banged. In a no DQ PPV, the Shield comes in 1st, then Barrett/Gabriel come music...3rd partner yet to be announced! The old Nexus music starts up and morphs to a Nexus/NWO sound...interrupted and followed with "Cult of Personality" as Ryback comes out as the 3rd partner and Punk coming behind announcing it is "Clobbering Time"!
  5. zaks211's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to the Wyatt Family debut.

    The Shield is perfect with the relaunch of the tag team division.

    The Wyatt Family would be the perfect heel group to go head to head against the Shield.

    Think back to the mid 80's when the Freebird's and the Russian's would use all 3 members to defend/compete for the tag titles.

    Here is my tag team division for the WWE :

    The Shield.

    The Wyatt Family.

    The Uso's

    The Miz/Zack Ryder

    Curtis Axel/Ted DiBiase w/ David Otunga as manager.

    Damien Sandow/Jinder Mahal.

    Alberto Del Rio/Antonio Cesaro
  6. deano_x's Avatar
    good read. Hopefully the TT scene will get better. I think a lot of the NXT talent can be placed into tag teams until one or another excels beyond the other
  7. TempestH's Avatar
    I don't like the idea of the Alex Riley and Ted DiBiase team.

    Riley might be a low card guy, but he's already moved past the "cartoon character gimmick" stage of his career.

    Plus Riley's talents are best served to work as a face. Riley's very quick and agile for his size, but if he goes heel, he won't get to use that athleticism. He'll become boring to watch in the ring as his moveset will be watered down to punches, kicks, and restholds.
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