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    @Karsten Langenfeld: FANTASY BOOKING

    @DK Wrestling Savior: Reason I chose Ziggler is because I've thought it's a bit odd that he hadn't broken into the main event before and he is a great worker. I'm not sure if anyone else could do the cash-in and make it look anywhere near as good. (Of course I'm a fan of the guy too.)

    As for ending the streak with a cash-in, sure it's controversial and you could say weak but that's kinda the point. Anyone beating Undertaker in a match cleanly at Wrestlemania would be weak imo, in this fashion it gives Undertaker an excuse for losing in that:

    1. It was a last minute match that he wasn't expecting
    2. He just wrestled himself into exhaustion with Cena.
    3. Undertaker expected his match against Cena to be his last match ever.

    The point is, people will argue that if Undertaker was fresh he would've beaten Ziggler. And that's true, given that he beat Ziggler at Elimination Chamber. But that's the beauty of it. It's not Undertaker being weak, it's Ziggler using his cunning to pull the biggest upset in history. That's what I was trying to get across anyway. As for the horrified bit, I agree that it was the wrong word to use. I guess appalled would've been better.

    Cheers for the criticism anyway, I enjoyed reading and responding to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    The reason the ref never try to stop Sheamus because he would most likely get his arse kick trying.
    Even so, ref bumps are part and parcel. If this was a heel beatdown he'd have been dragged off or even more referees would have came out.
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    The reason the ref never try to stop Sheamus because he would most likely get his arse kick trying.
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    I understand that this is a fantasy booking, as I can only imagine you fantasize about Ziggay a lot, but seriously? Ziggler ending the Streak with an MITB cash in? That's really weak.

    The booking was nice, save for the part where Undertaker pays respect for Ziggay after their EC match. Taker barely paid any respect to HBK in their two matches, or HHH in their first match. Also, the part where Taker looks horrified when Ziggay comes out? NOT QUITE.

    But like I said, it was booked well, and there were some good ideas there. I did like how you kept Punk & Cena involved and ended with a Cena/Taker WM match.
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    let me make this short. Ziggler? End the streak? About as likely as Hornswoggle.
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    Thanks for the comments and feedback guys. Roc Away hit the nail on the head with what I was trying to do in terms of a teased face turn with Undertaker. Glad to hear some people who cottoned on it was all hypothetical enjoyed reading it, even if they didn't agree with everything I said. Might try and do more blogs like this in the future.
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    Great blog, It is something I would enjoy watching. The only thing I would change would be Undertaker showing the respect to Ziggler. I could see Undertaker showing the respect to Ziggler after he beats Taker for the belt at WM. But not before then.
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