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    Blog was a good start, but I expected something less predictable. WWE Creative is TOO predictable right now. Everyone knew Punk was winning, but not cleanly! It was a surprise to have the NXT guys pull off the attack...but hasn't the guys in black gear attacked B4...wait, yep, in TNA. I know, WWE brought in a group of young up starts to attack Goldberg...oops least that was new, if you don't count A&E or NWO or 4 Horsemen or the Stable, Varsity Club, or Dungeon of Doom. Here is my something outside the box, not the Rogue Ref actually winning over Ryback via disqualification as Ryback doesn't stop the beat down. Ref wins, gets contract and eventually becomes a wrestler. Have the Rock start at the bottom, IF you use him at all...wrestle his way up...stupid to have a guy making movies come in and beat your champ of 400 days. have big HEEL/FACE turns... I predicted the MIZ 4 weeks ago...Orton is a HEEL in FACE clothing and Sheamus is much better as a brute brawler than a joker. Do something like a European stable of McIntyre, Sheamus, Barrett and the guy who looks like Bautista...bring Bautista back, un-announced...stop leaking returns to get audiences...get audiences by surprising people week to week with returns, turns, new champions, upsets, less talk and more challenges and attacks. Bring back Ric Flair, not Johnny Ace as a creative mind. That's what is meant to me by Creative in the Modern Era!!
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    Absolutely phenomenal blog. Exquisitely written. Hope to here more from you man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead
    Good blog bro, I recomend you to use a bigger font next time
    agree on both points.

    also, RIP T-Dog
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    Good blog bro, I recomend you to use a bigger font next time

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