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  1. Brad Roach's Avatar
    You sir have hit the nail on the head. they need to start working on this sooner rather than later. What happens if cena becomes injured within the next month and he needs months off to recover? they need to build people up to counteract this problem.
  2. Sondreg's Avatar
    Why are you even watching WWE?
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    I understand what everyone's saying about the WWE needing Cena because it's absolutely true, but that's the problem in and of itself. They NEED Cena! Cena has to leave eventually. What happens when he retires? I do believe Cena needs some time off. Let somebody else build up and take the helm for a while. It won't be an overnight thing and it'll take a while to build a new face for the company. If anything, Cena can come back after a year or two and start a "This is my Company" storyline. Punk could also do it, but he's been talking about retiring soon anyway.
  4. Brad Roach's Avatar
    i wouldnt say stay in the past. But all that is really needed is pyro and the titantron. 10 years ago it wasn't about flashing lights and expensive sets. It was about wrestling, and that is whats missing today. If they focused more on the wrestling and less on making the set look like the illuminations we would see an improvement. For me the red ropes are iconic to Raw, that was the Raw ring. Blue for smackdown and black for PPV. The simplicity of the old days is far superior.
  5. Heavy's Avatar
    The opening I definitely agree with you on, the ropes I could care more less about, the set with me I think is fine because what can they do?? Stay stuck in the past forever,?? And let's face it they need cena. Yes we get tired of him but he's the only reason majority of people watch now and when he was gone the ratings showed it. And I'm a HUGE cm punk fan and a fan of Daniel Bryan but you can't say that they're the only reason you watch it now because when they were in the independent scene only die hard wrestling fans knew who they were and no disrespect to them but they weren't the only two good people to come from the indies. But overall I think you did pretty okay for a first blog man
  6. cpattersoniv's Avatar
    I personally like the set the way it is now. It makes it seem more alive ya know?

    I never thought about the ropes!!!!

    I completely disagree about Cena and here's why. In the month before HIAC when he couldn't wrestle and barely made any appearances the ratings and the overall product absolutely stunk up the joint. It showed the WWE that the only two guys that can carry the show are Punk and Cena. They desperately need to put other guys up at the top. Put Cena in the World Heavyweight title picture and separate him and Punk for a year.
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