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    I got a little ahead of myself. The only real big draws they have now is Cena and Punk and MAYBE Sheamus. The other guys I mentioned have the potential. They just need the push.
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    Oohhh....Gotta call foul on this one. You referred to guys in WWE today, other than Cena, as big draws? Especially since you have been watching WWE since the 80's. The standard of a "big draw" is so insignificant compared to those that were even 10 years ago. I mean, Prime Time Players? Dolph Ziggler? Alberto Del Rio? This is your idea of big draws?

    However, welcome to the site and the blogging world. I disagree with your point as I feel Raw needs to go back to 2 hours, in a major way. But your blog is well-written.
  3. cpattersoniv's Avatar
    Looking forward to it!
  4. Cross's Avatar
    Although I do not agree on Raw being 3 hours, I do agree on disliking Ryback. He annoys me the way he is being pushed. Anyways, short, sweet, to the point. Not bad for a rookie blogger.

    Stay tuned for a counter blog. Have a nice day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis
    I think you are right overall. raw should stay three hours like you said. It's cool that you read a blog and then actually cared enough to make an account and make a counter-blog.
    Thanks man. I tried to have my opinions be educated and informed.
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    Is it WWE or wrestling in general? Do you watch TNA?
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    I can hardly watch it anymore at 2 hours and 3 hours just loses my interest. I record it and normally turn it into a 20-30 minute show. WWE has nothing that really engages me anymore
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