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  1. WWE: Who are my entertainment

    i just wanted to give my thoughts on what members of wwe rosters actually have the ability to be entertaining outside of the ring e.g promo work.

    I want to start with my favourite, the Miz. When he first entered the wwe i just found him really annoying but over time he has improved beyond belief. He doesnt just shout and scream, or just try to be funny he actually understands how to ...

    Updated 10-21-2010 at 09:25 AM by Frank

  2. night of champions predictions 2010

    Womens title - like everyone else couldnt care less, but id say melina will win the gold.

    Daniel Bryan v The Miz US Championship - unlike many others who believe the Miz will lose, i predict a win here for the Miz. Its too early for Bryan as he has no personality, yet. This will be a close match with Bryan taking the Miz all the way. Interference from Riley to get Miz the win.
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