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  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Devon vs. Angle had to be boring and slow unfortunately since Kurt is legit hurt. I didn't like the tag match itself because it never seemed like anyone was doing anything. Did Joey Ryan get off a single interesting move? Matt Morgan did a side slam and the carbon footprint. I DID like the build between RVD and Kenny King. Main event was okay but those two can do way better than that. I liked the ending even though they botched it a tiny bit with Roode giving Aries the fake count of three.
  2. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Tessmacher should have said that Mickie had failed at the PPV and didn't deserve a shot, and that Velvet left for 6 months and didn't either. She had been there all along and should get the shot.

    I knew last week when the Aries vs Hardy match was announced, that it would have Roode interfere and cost Aries, wish it wouldn't have been that predictable. We do however get to see all three involved at the same time which should be good.
  3. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    Nice blog .
    I absolutely hated the brawler back then, hate him even more now ..
    The only thing I will say is, everyone is overlooking a little issue we always have with wwe... Guys, Dolph was amazing at TLC, I can't wait to see his look down the road... But now on to the main issue... Cena lost , YESSSS!!! OHHH wait.... No, Dolph didn't beat cena, AJ lee beat cena always there's always a reason cena loses, there's always an extra bit to the match... Oh yeah CM punk beat him BUUT, OHHH Brock destroyed him, BUTTTT, Dolph beat him and OUTWORKED him, but -_-... That will be overlooked because even though EVERYTHING WAS LEGAL, cena will somehow find a way and "overcome the odds" (like always).... Yes I am extremely happy cena lost to DZ... I'm just prepping those who don't see this coming ... Cena is going to get pushed down our throats a lot more ... This shouldn't be news to anyone... But I will say "told you" late on when it's not acknowledged that Ziggs beat cena...
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    I was actually shocked to see an AJ Lee turn, not sure if she's a heel now but I liked her betraying of Cena since I didn;t see it coming and it let Ziggler win
  5. Zekic's Avatar
    I disagre with you only about WH title match, it could have been way better.
  6. Bobby1181's Avatar
    Ricardo actually said "heading toward a new destiny" when I translated his intro for del rio last night. Brawler was the worst thing last night, yes, even worse than the divas match.
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah, I dont get the Brawler love... I mean he was a meaningless jobber as Steve Lombardi and then became an incredibly low card jobber as The Brooklyn Brawler. Why should we be expected to take him seriously?
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