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  1. johnnyvine's Avatar
    This was a pretty half ass show.
    The first hour was way too much talking, didn't and don't care about the Bully Hogan affair.
    It was nice too see that Rob Terry can show some personality, the other part was kinda stupid.

    I was wondering where Anderson was, guess they didn't have anything for him to do.
    Putting him with Aces and Eights.....still think they have nothing for him to do, so why not.

    R eally V ery D ull made him even more so with that crappy call out of York.
    I expected a better match out of these guys, they do have over 15 years of experience in wresting.
    It was slow going and quite a few botches.

    Tag match was good but Chavo gets no reaction from the crowd no matter what he does.

    I quite enjoyed the Aries Roode match, even with them copying each other.
    Hardy at the end just just ruined the fun I had in the match.
  2. ASPbarcode's Avatar
    Useful information. Hoping more.
  3. The Don's Avatar
    I loved ECW when it first came back as the third brand. I always wanted ECW to go 2-hours, bring in their own World Tag-Team Championships, revive the World Television Championship, and create their own Women's Championship. It had so much potential. WWE really could made big money from ECW, but you know WWE and their non-opportunistic (spellcheck lol) selves.
  4. blink's Avatar
    On the superstars subject, all the matches you said we wouldnt see on main brands actually happened on raw and smackdown. Oh and zigglers debut match on raw was against batista. I do agree that all the "feuds" with stars no one cares about was garbage. I agree with all the other points
  5. mcgowanrose's Avatar
    like Bradley implied I am impressed that a stay at home mom can get paid $6083 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this web site
  6. helmsley's Avatar
    ecw needed what made ecw special, extreme matches or hardcore matches, so when wwe went pg, ecw could never eeeeeeeeeveeeeeer be the same or succesful, it just wasnt ecw anymore
  7. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    Saturday morning slam sucks too but I guess the kids like it.. I agree with u though
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