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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I thought the episode was good. But they botched the Sting return in a really bad way. If they get a decent rating this week, it won't last because that Sting return was so deflating.
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    im with 'toiletbowl' on this tna sucks like really? what gets on my nerves is that tna keeps flipping anderson heel to face, since he joined tna he has flipped from heel to face 7 times, in wwe he was heel then face zippo. tna is brutal to watch
  3. Halion's Avatar
    impact was pretty good last night. Sting return coulda been better done, but impact was a great way to start The year off nicely.
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I simply dont get TNA. I tried watching last night but the final match and the events after was down right pathetic. So a guy with a baseball bat can take out 8 men by himself? They didnt think to bum rush him? This show is officially worse than WCW Thunder.
  5. Heavy's Avatar
    Too bad none of this happened, but it sounds alot like the impact of 1-3-13 though, you should check it out(; haha just messin with ya but yeah stings return didn't live up to what little hype it had
  6. number1undertakerfan's Avatar
    Good blog I just found stings return weak but everything else was good
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I loved all the matches and segments..the tag match is real awesome...chavo n hernandez are putting a good to great match every time they r in....

    I loved RVD vs York match..York has performed some very good moves n RVD like a pro allowed York to do all his unique things..respects to RVD for allowing York to shine....

    After seeing the knock outs match I feel the division is again returning to its glory....great match..Gail is awesome.....

    Roode vs Aeries is very entertaining n I loved it very much....

    All segments are awesome esp AJ "Kaz" Styles segment..... that is surely promo of the year for TNA..Bad Influence is really really really great...

    Bro OFF is really very entertaining...Rob T has stole the show..but the real EPIC thing about the segment is Robbie E's expression at the end bro...
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