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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Chavo vs AA was a is one of my many dream matches..n they lived upto my expectations considering it as a TV match...
  2. jdoasis20's Avatar
    its ok to me but I just wish it would be more of a serious Impact. I love some of the Wrestling. All in all TNA will get there, but I must say The KnockOUT girls have a very edgy and sex appeal. But for the men it seems they wanna push the younger guys and do need the vets as well.
  3. body slam's Avatar
    Over all good show. Over there Magnus is superman. Hope he becomes a key player against A&8.
  4. Cynicism's Avatar
    Am a bit confused on the ratings, you have a "Really Awesome Match" with a 6/10 and a "Let Down" as a 7/10
  5. The Piper's Avatar
    you're too generous with these ratings, other than that, I mostly agree.
  6. Greekcian's Avatar
    I agree with your review, it's nice to see a wedding with attention to detail (no ropes, best man's, bridemaids etc) and a meaningful twist for a change.
    However, I would LOVE for them to give Aries and Roode the titels quite quickly and for them to also get the x-division and tv title as well. Sounds horrible? The arguments about prestige and how easy it was for them to get all the hardware would be hilarious, as would be them losing everything on the same PPV and then freaking out at each other.

    Damn this sounds doable... You heard it here first people!
  7. Jaydash's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment jginger, I gave it 9.5 due to the great matches, the storylines, in comparison to past shows aswell as the overall feel. Its also because its one of the few episodes of TNA where every match or segment had nothing really bad about it. Anyways thanks for reading!
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