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  1. SteveA21's Avatar
    Like Eddie Guerrero, Jeff Hardy is a flawed character. Also like Eddie Guerrero, Jeff Hardy seems to have found a way to get through life for a period of time without screwing himself up on drugs and alcohol.

    Hopefully, he won't die an early death, as Eddie did.

    While Jeff Hardy certainly screwed up a lot of opportunities for himself, being able to crawl out of the morass as he did, is, in fact a success story. Kudos to him for that.
  2. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Good informative blog.

    I fail to see how he's "flushed his career down the drain" as you say.

    He made his money in WWE, first as a tag team then later as a singles star, he had enough of being on the road every single day and opted for the lighter TNA schedule.
    I don't see how him thinking about his well-being = him wasting his career away.
    Yeah, he screwed up after leaving WWE, but he's a father now and looks healthier than he's ever looked.
    Also, I think you're wrong in saying that he was "on the brink" of the top bracket of superstars when he left, he was indefinitely IN the top bracket. After John Cena he was WWE's top draw IMO.

    It's well documented that he'd be welcomed back to WWE should he wish to go back. In fact, I think he will one day go back.
  3. sonicwolfen's Avatar
    Really good blog, as it was highly informative but you still gave your own personal opinion throughout, so it wasn't just like reading Jeff's wikipedia page.

    I met Jeff a few months ago and the guy was so cool. It seems like he's finally in a good place in his life.

    I still hope we'll get to see Jeff in a WWE ring someday, obviously it's unlikely and since he's getting older I'm sure it wouldn't be for another long run, a one-night surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble perhaps?
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    It's very easy to say from our perspective yeah he screwed up a lot and made a lot of bad choices but we will never know what the travel schedule is like in WWE. From a lot of accounts though, it seems to be brutal.

    People turn to different things to get them through and he made a really poor choice but I don't know how you could say he is not at a superstar level. He sells the most merch in TNA, is the world champion, and gets a huge reaction from the crowds while staying clean. Sounds pretty good to me.

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