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    "He is not a good live performer. If he brings Biggie back for a night maybe we can talk."
    LMFAO! A-F'n-Men!!!
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    oh my god! are you suggesting there are backstage politics going on behind the scenes at a sports entertainment company???

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    You made the comment, "Love the Rhodes Scholars and that's about it. I would be mad if I worked full-time as a Diva and Cena's-and-Bryan's-Friday-night twins got a match after being back for a month."

    I wonder if there is some truth to this. Nobody cares about this 4 man tag. I don't really think anybody cares about the Bellas either. Seems odd they were able to just come back and get a spot on the card. Perhaps it was part of their contract negotiation or pehaps Super Cena pulled some strings for his lady friend.
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    So here's a thought: TNA has A-duoble (Austin Aries) vs Bobby Rude for the TNA heavyweight Title, and the have the X-Division tourney going on at Destination X. There's still spots left to qualify, so what if: Joey Ryan gets a qualifying spot in the X-Divsion tourney, Wins his match at Destination-X and wins the Ultimate X match to become X-division champ, A-Double loses & feuds with Joey Ryan for a few months. Think this is possible?
    Quite frankly this will be a one helluva feud...I can't even imagine the mic work these two r going to put in for teh feud...n in main event again we two decent ppl with good all round skills in BMI ( i mean storm n Roode..)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin
    I had this same idea all along =)

    Check out Post #45 & 48

    And BTW - Crack, Lagana is writing now. Not Russo. That's why I do have faith that TNA could definately be behind the who thing and don't put it past thier abilities anymore. You give them a creative staff that knows how to start a story and give it a slow burn, you can pull out magic. Who here seriously thought 3 years ago that an angle between Abyss and Bully Ray would be something the IWC would be talking about in a positive way? Didn't think so.

    Either way, TNA is on a roll and this Ryan thing has been just one more reason why I have continued my 10year dedication to this company. Not everything has been pure gold, but when I get it I feel all the more rewarded for my wait.
    Well I guess great minds think alike I guess I missed that blog and didn't see it, but hey at least I'm not the only one putting 2 and 2 together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas Chapel
    Do people seriously think this isn't a wotk??
    I think before last Thursday it was still up in the air but there is no way he would show up not contracted. However, this is really one of the more detailed, in-depth story lines in a long while.
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    Do people seriously think this isn't a wotk??
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