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  1. A TNA Fan's Excitement for WM29

    Good, bad, or indifferent I have been primarily a TNA fan for the last 2 years. I kept myself up on WWE through readings and YouTube clips but I have not watched more than 10 minutes of WWE programming since this passing Monday: the go-home show for WrestleMania. Even though I may not be as invested as many of you are in the current WWE product -- here it goes anyway.

    A TNA Fan's Excitement ...
  2. The @JoeyRyanOnline Storyline is NOT a Work (ZoI)

    Since microphones are scarce in the blog-world, we can just call that a type-bomb rather than a pipe-bomb

    I made the bold statement in the title because of one simple reason: the story line is too good, too smart, and too ballsy for TNA. We really need to consider everything that would be put into this story line if it is a work. It would really be quite remarkable. Even if TNA came ...
  3. Watching TNA: A Guide (Zone of Impact)

    Over the last three years, many more times than not, it was a chore to sit down for a full episode of Impact. With this being said, it is very understandable that many people are still discouraged from watching and are still turned off from the product as a whole. However, since going live, TNA has really stepped their game up. There is no better time to at least casually follow the product. Since ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. NoP: Restructuring TNA's Creative

    Nation of Procrastination: The Blog
    These are the things I think about when I should be working...

    So Russo is out and TNA's creative is semi-shaken up. I think this would be a great time to try something different in the structure of the creative department. I am not talking about creative direction but who does what and stuff like that.

    If I had any say, this ...
  5. WWE: People Who I Feel Bad For

    With the Holiday season coming up, it is great to look at those who may not have it as good as you and reflect (even if they are multi-multi-millionaires)

    Disclaimer: I have not been watching the WWE product lately but I have been reading about it to stay current. However, I feel that my opinions can still be made without sitting through every second of Raw, Smackdown, NXT(?), and ...
  6. *SPOILERS* CM Punk - MITB Theory

    ROH-bots, TNA-marks, WWE-fan-boys. Regardless of how you feel about WWE, CM Punk's promo was the best ones done in WWE since Paul Heyman's on Vince McMahon a few years ago.

    (For your viewing pleasure)

    Obviously, WWE was behind Punk's promo 100% because we all know that Vince would never let that promo go on for that long. ...
  7. To TNA: A Letter of Concern

    To Whom This May Concern:

    TNA...Impact Wrestling...whatever you call yourselves these days - it's time. It is time to make a move. Stop sitting back and waiting for the fans and ratings to come. It's time to make a decision to make yourself competitive in the main-stream wrestling picture. You can be the one that brings wrestling back from it's recession of popularity and creative mediocrity. ...
  8. Impact Wrestling: The Rebuttal Blog

    Let me first off say - if you agreed with my last blog or not, thank you for your click and for the time you took out to make a response. I am writing this blog as a response of sorts to many of your comments. It is just much easier trying to defend myself here than in the trenches of the comment section.

    According to Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan, TNA Entertainment is now running Impact ...

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  9. Impact Wrestling: A Genius Business Move

    I may not know much of how the wrestling business works behind the scenes, but neither do many of you. I am pretty sure we do not have any former-wrestlers of a large promotion on this site (sorry to say, Ryan Clark). I do however, know a thing or two about business in general. What TNA is doing is exactly what they should be doing at exactly the right time, everyone just needs to see it from a business ...
  10. YcCmC 3 - Smackdown v Raw No More!

    I am not referring to the video game.

    The night before the first ever draft on Raw back in 2002, I attended the last live show in Rutherford, NJ that used the merged roster. It was a sad sight to see The Dudleys, after a victory, get on the mic and say "this maybe the last time you see us tagging together." As we all know now that wasn't the case thanks to TNA. But back in ...
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