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Why Dolph Ziggler will become champion at The Royal Rumble part 2

Well The Rock will beat CM Punk in an epic match and become champion. CM Punk will take The Rock out whilst he is celebrating and then Dolph Ziggler will come charging down, cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase and do that awful finishing move what's just like a jumping sidewalk slam. The Rock will kick out. The crowd go crazy thinking The Rock might be able to somehow beat Ziggler. Then Ziggler will just do his awful finishing move again and then will pin The Rock for a 3 count. Ziggler will become the new champion making The Rock keep his word in that he did become champion. Ziggler will defend it at The Elimination Chamber and probably lose it.

Notice how Ziggler has hardly gone to cash in his briefcase? He could have done it at Hell In A Cell even though he would have had to climb up the cell to get to Punk.

What I am saying is that even though he brings his briefcase to his matches and even tries to use it to hit his opponents, he never cashes it in. I believe the reason for this is because The WWE are trying to put less emphasis on his guaranteed title shot so when it does happen at The Royal Rumble against The Rock, it will come as a surprise.

Just wait, watch and see. You saw it here first.


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