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    Thank you and yeah I realize that I was typing and watching lol I will do the full show in future post
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    Not bad for your first time. Your spelling was a little difficult to grasp at times but that will improve with practice. I will suggest to you for future blogs if you plan to focus on raw I would add a comprehensive review of the whole show not just 3 segments of it.
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    SHW thanks for the feed back but I will talk about where there extra money would be coming from in my later blogs along with other company growth bullet-points
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    you know, companies do have to pay to use arenas...

    its not like Dixie could walk into MSG and say, "hey guys, can we please use your arena for 3 hours on a weekend night?" and they say, "sure thing Dixie, no problem, this one is on the house"

    i do not think TnA has the money to rent ANY of these locations. and on top of that, only charging $20.00 per ppv?

    how would TnA make any money with your proposition? because you know, that is the point of business.

    also, what is the point in leasing 20k arenas when you cannot even draw 5k?

    i like the TnA product, i think it has great potential with some great talent, but this blog is just silly, sorry.
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    I thank you for your feed back this is only part one of many more and I do tell the story of how thing will become.
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    Love the ideas and the format. 8 PPV's a year is awesome. But sell the year pass for $100. It's a cleaner number. And don't sweat the Sunday thing. UFC does their PPV's on Saturdays, but so does Boxing when they have them. There's plenty of room.

    You got some pretty big venues listed here. Before they can even comtemplate something like that, they need to create celebrities out of their wrestlers. For example, this Bound For Glory media blitz, needs to be handled by Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, James Storm, and AJ Styles. These guys are among the best in the biz, and nobody knows who they are. To draw people into MSG, or Wells Fargo Center (they would never do wrestling at Lincoln Financial Field), they need to get their top guys pushed into the main stream. They need to market them and spend money to get them known. Bobby Roode and James Storm, should be on Howard Stern today, not Hogan. They need to get these guys in front of a massive audience and let them shine a little.

    Also, to hold your PPV's in huge venues, they would need to bring in some celebrity talent to boost it. So, if they're in Wells Fargo for Slammiversary, somehow get some big time Philly athletes like Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins to be a part of the show. Get some big time musicians from the area to hold a pre-show concert of sorts. And do a cross-promotion with the Phillies or Sixers or something.

    Great ideas. Just, a WHOLE LOT of new business modeling and formatting would need to be done for them to even scratch the surface of it.
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