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  1. kylos's Avatar
    TNA can't afford to buy out ROH... thats just silly, this blog is silly, I don't get it.
  2. kylos's Avatar
    What the hell is this??????????????????????
  3. Vondraco's Avatar
    OK ... not to be picky, but I'm gonna be picky. Overall, good writing. A bit of a wall of text on the Orton/Show match, maybe try to break that up a bit. And please, please, PLEASE ... "que" isn't a word. "Queue" is, or "cue" is; I think you meant the latter. Several other typos but you'll get better. If you're using a standard keyboard, the apostrophe is just next to the ENTER key.

    Again, good writing overall and I appreciate the effort. Well done.
  4. awesomeone22's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment guys. and there are more commercials because Ion lives off of that its not a powerhouse like NBC is
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    The show had way too many commercials, and too few matches. Saturday Night's Main Event was 10 times better than this weekly crap!
  6. King MC's Avatar
    The only part of the show I didn't care for was the interaction between The Miz and Michael Cole. For the past few years Michael Cole has been singing The Miz's praises. That's been his dude. Now, he's playing the part of a "face" commentator, and that's fine. However, shouldn't he still like the Miz? The Miz never did anything to him, so why is Cole insulting him now? I think Cole would work better as a neutral commentator. That way he can like who he likes regardless of if they're a a heel or face.
  7. dub's Avatar
    Another good Main Event. I find myself looking forward to this show every Wednesday now along with NXT I really like the format of the show. They give really good in depth looks of the wrestlers main eventing (The Orton/Show video package was just as cool as the Punk/Sheamus) Miz and cole do a great job hosting and for the most part we've seen some top tier matches thus far (Punk vs Sheamus was CRAZY). Although the ending to the Show/Orton match was kinda weird (I really think it was a botched) It was still a good match overall. I kinda didn't get the Kofi/Mcgilicutty match either. I thought the WWE would let Mcgillicutty get more offense??? But oh well, I guess it was pretty much a filler to add to the Kofi/Miz US title match and I can't wait!
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